Drawing on the best of the natural resources’ sciences, engineering, and electrical, Great Lakes’ vision is to offer the most unique and illustrious course of practical training in the fields of oil and gas by:

  • Offering a stimulating academic curriculum that focuses on the nature of oil and gas exploration, production, management and transportation;
  • Providing a high quality continuing and professional education curriculum in a variety of fields related to oil and gas;
  • Understanding and meeting the needs of its students, communities and other constituents as they follow their various professional career paths;
  • Fostering knowledge of the existence of a dimension to oil and gas greater than the individual and instilling the notion that connecting with this larger part of this discipline is instrumental to creativity, health, and optimum human performance;
  • Encouraging students to test and apply practical concepts personally in order to experience personal growth and integration;
  • Enabling individuals to change their lives for the better, positively affecting their relationships and their surroundings in the process; and
  • Giving individual’s life experience with their highest integrated potential and their interrelationship to the rest of humankind.