Unit-level responsibilities

Local managing units are responsible for oversight of ongoing operations and compliance with this policy. These responsibilities include:
  • Initiate creation and/or dissolution of new Academic Service Centers with the Controller’s Office.
  • Account for the operations of the Academic Service Center and report annually on revenues, expenses and balances generated by the Service Center’s activities
  • Review financial information periodically to ensure break-even status or necessity to change rates
  • Calculate rates, at least annually, based on estimated expense data and projected usage and complete the Service Center Annual Rate Proposal Form that is submitted annually to the Controller’s Office
  • For Academic Service Centers that include depreciation as a component of expenses, create and maintain information on equipment purchases and applicable depreciation
  • Ensure that rates comply with the guidance in this policy and are reported and reviewed by the Controller’s Office
  • Account for subsidies, revenue generated from Facilities and Administration (F&A) costs included in the rates, and for any accumulated depreciation reserves, if applicable
  • Review the annual financial results for Academic Service Centers including income and expenses to ensure that the balance forward is within the recommended 25% margin
  • Assist with internal and external audits


Central Office responsibilities

  • The Controller’s Office will maintain this policy and provide oversight and guidance relating to the policy
  • The Controller’s Office will maintain a current Academic Service Center list
  • The Controller’s Office will review and approve rates on an annual basis
  • The Office of Vice President for Research will meet annually with the Controller’s Office to monitor compliance with this policy and timely submission of service center rates