Academic Standing

Academic standing is determined by your academic performance. It is measured by your grade point average (GPA).

There are three academic standings:

  • Acceptable – GPA is at least a 2.00 - you may continue in your studies.
  • Conditional – GPA is between 1.50-1.99 - you need to meet with your department advisor prior to registration (some departments may have other conditions).
  • Failed – GPA is below 1.50 for the first time or below a 2.00 after a prior Conditional Standing assessment or after being readmitted from Failed standing (second level failed standing).

Students in either Conditional or Failed Standing will be notified, in writing, by the college of their academic standing. In this letter, students will be informed of all steps that the college has deemed necessary for them to follow. Students in failed standing must apply for readmission.