Great Lakes College faculty and staff are committed to delivering high quality advising and support services to help students succeed academically at the college. Academic Advising offers an array of services to help students be more academically successful. Students need to be proactive in reaching out to the available services to assist them with their particular needs.

If you need help with time management and organizational skills, or studying and test taking strategies,  please visit the quick link to Learning Skills & Study Strategies for Success. If you are having problems, and are not sure what to do, you should speak with your faculty advisor, your college dean, or a peer advisor. 

When we see that you are struggling at Roll Call or in Early Alert, a representative of the advising office will ask you to meet with us so we can discuss the actions that are most appropriate to improve your situation. Students who succeed at Great Lakes have learned how and when to access the array of services and resources available to them on campus