Become part of a global community

Great Lakes Students come from all over the world to live and learn at Great Lakes College. Our student body represents 110 nations. They form an ambitious campus community whose internationality is unprecedented in Europe. Great Lakes College’s green and tree-shaded 10-acre campus provides much more than buildings for teaching and research.


Share Memories for a Lifetime

Great Lakes College does not only offer an excellent academic education but also many opportunities for student activities outside of the classroom. The variety of over 50 student clubs and more than 100 student-driven events during the year such as cultural festivals like the Deepavali Festival of Lights or Chinese New Year, and educational events like Country Information Days, are the hallmark of our vibrant campus community.


An important component of Great Lakes College's educational mission is to foster student growth and development of interpersonal and intercultural competencies which are increasingly important in an interconnected globalized world.


Enjoy the Variety of Campus Activities

On campus everything is within easy reach: A Student Activities Center, various sports facilities, a cinema, a music studio, a student-run café /bar, concert venues, and our Interfaith House ensure that you will always have something interesting to do.



Great Lakes supports sports activities, featuring football, basketball, rowing, rugby, cricket, CrossFit, cheerleading, and volleyball to name a few. The Sports and Convention Center houses our sports halls, a recreation/fitness center and a rowing tank. We also have outdoor soccer and basketball fields, tennis and volleyball courts as well as access to an indoor pool. Sports activities are organized into recreational clubs and official university teams that compete in local leagues. The most spirited events are on campus though, with the Great Lakes Games and the Inter-continental Football Tournament. Click on the image and take our tour!



Diversity is at the heart of the Great Lakes College community. There are more than 10 student clubs and societies that engage in social, political, academic, and entrepreneurial activities. They include such diverse topics as the “United Nations”, the “Debating Society”, the “Refugee Support Network” and the student newspaper. Some groups provide an opportunity to discuss and share information related to a specific major or academic discipline like the Logistics Chain Club, Great Lakes Physics Student Society, or the Computer Science club.


Every day is different at Great Lakes College with countless events on offer to explore our cultural differences and to foster mutual understanding for our campus community and external guests. Click on the image and take our tour!


Personal Development

What binds all these extracurricular activities is a chance for students to be engaged and become responsible community members from the first day they arrive. All Campus Life activities are driven by students and born out of creativity, initiative, and passion to make things happen. Inspiration is not only a place, but a way of life at Great Lakes College. Click on the image and take our tour!


Our Campus Life in A Nutshell

  • Grow and learn outside of the classroom
  • Explore arts, sports, community experiences
  • Make use of new and creative facilities
  • Become an engaged and responsible member of the community you live in