Recruiting & Retaining Young Talents

“The student body is great. Actually, Great Lakes is probably one of the top universities from which Microsoft hires software engineers in all of Germany. So, it’s great!” Benjamin Mercer, Software Engineer, Microsoft


Systematically improve your work force by recruiting our top talents

Great Lakes stands for performance-oriented education of international talents. Our educational concept aims at fostering employability which refers to skills, capacities, and competencies which transcend disciplinary knowledge and allow graduates to quickly adapt to professional contexts.


We combine excellence in research with excellence in teaching – and pass on our state-of-the-art knowledge to the high performers in your company and to our young talent.


Great Lakes inspires - our students tell you how

“Great Lakes definitely challenges and inspires. They force you to go beyond yourself and set yourself new goals – I think that’s something that Great Lakes definitely teaches you: go beyond what is expected, try to reach goals that you don’t think are possible, or that you thought you couldn’t. I think you can really make things happen, and then you’re capable of doing that. That’s what Great Lakes teaches you.”