Program Overview

Why should you do your gas technician training at Great Lakes Technical Training?


All of our instructors are qualified and licensed in the HVAC community. Many own their own businesses or work for other companies. They are truly passionate about the work they do and freely hand their knowledge over to their students. They pay attention to their students, answer their questions readily and will take whatever time it takes to get their point across.

Our classes are small, maximum of 20 students, so the instructors have the time to invest in each student personally. With the extra time spent on each student comes an excellent success rate. We are proud to say 90% of our students pass the license exam!

Hands on training is a large portion of our classes. Since the classes are small, there is the opportunity for each student to spend as much time as needed on equipment to learn the skills needed in the field. Graduates leave our school “truck ready”, licensed and capable of working on their own. Some companies are willing to hire our grads based on that fact.

Our goal is to give students the information required to be successful heating and cooling technicians!

National Canadian Qualification