Program Overview

The field of natural gas engineering is very much important for petroleum engineers specializing in gas processing technology. The program outlines an optimal balance between natural gas production, natural gas processing and gas transportation. An extensive treatise on natural gas engineering, both upstream and gas refining processes with key equipment and facility design will be covered. This program will also highlight the current status of production of natural gas through unconventional sources/technics and the applications of natural gas.The program provides an overview of the natural gas industry, from wellhead to marketplace, with emphasis on gas plant operations. The overall process flow diagram is used to illustrate how the various individual plant operations are integrated to create gas plants capable of handling feeds from gas fields around the world. You will gain a working knowledge of the major processes for gas processing including compression, dehydration, acid gas removal, sulfur recovery and tailgas cleanup, cryogenic extraction of natural gas liquids (NGL), as well as LNG production, storage and transportation. The program concludes with attendees working in teams to propose a conceptual design of a new gas plant based on realistic gas inlet and outlet requirements. The program objective is to provide you with a common base of gas processing knowledge allowing you to communicate effectively with others in the gas industry.

International Qualification