Program Overview

Even by 2020, it is estimated that 70% of primary energy consumed in the world will still come from oil and gas, much of which will come from offshore locations. With increasing water depths comes the need for advanced technical solutions to enhance safety whilst containing ever rising costs. This program is designed to acquaint people with the important aspects of offshore oil and gas and subsea operations.This interactive, applications-driven program for Subsea & Marine Operations Engineers and Asset Managers offers a professional approach providing access to decision making support tools in asset management-operations decision making. It will show how the use of big data analytics can support strategic initiatives; to inform on asset management data information; and to direct subsea & marine operational decision making. This program is aimed at addressing a global industry “age gap” by providing a link to a knowledge management-based pool of highly experienced professionals and leaders across the Offshore & Marine - Subsea Operational and Technology sectors.

International Qualification