Dedicated to the free pursuit of new knowledge, Great Lakes strives to provide faculty and students the resources to discover the future with excellence, ethical soundness and professional responsibility.

Research and Development Committee

Consistent with its commitment to freedom of speech and inquiry, Great Lakes College values the free pursuit of excellence in the creation of new knowledge. The College strives to provide the resources and guidance needed for faculty and administrators to uphold standards of scholarly excellence, ethical soundness, and professional responsibility. The college provides a number of opportunities to apply for funding for various kinds of projects. The goal of these grants is to provide help for projects; it is not the expectation that the college will provide funding for all of the expenses of the projects. These funds are distributed by the Research and Development Committee, which is composed of representatives from the faculty (from all three Divisions) and the administration. R & D Mission Statement The Research and Development Committee shall encourage faculty and administrators to pursue their development as educators and scholars. It shall allocate funds budgeted by the College for support of research and professional development, shall determine equitable priorities among applications for this support, and shall assure proper accountability in the use of grants.

- from the Faculty Handbook


Corporate Foundation and Government Support

Corporate & Foundation Relations We seek and secure funding from foundation and corporate sources to support institutional priorities. Priorities are set by the President and the Dean of the College in conjunction with trustee and faculty input, following the college's strategic plan.


Sponsored Projects

We seek governmental and foundation funding to support faculty members' scholarly research, sabbaticals and fellowships.


Advisory Functions

CF&GS is a non-voting member of the College's Research and Development (R&D) Committee, which disburses internal funds for faculty development and research, sabbaticals, travel to conferences, publication projects, summer seminars, etc. R&D Link CF&GS also provides information and assistance to students on applications for external fellowships and grants, e.g. Fulbright Scholarships, etc. Academic Advising