As well as providing a rich and fulfilling experience, research programs at Great Lakes are at the leading edge of progress in a range of industries.


Research Community and Support

We believe that a nurturing, lively study environment is essential to researcher development. Find out what life at Great Lakes is like, how we support our international students, visit us on one of our open days and browse our prospectus.


Researcher development frameworks

We actively encourage the development of our researchers, from freshman to early career and throughout their research journey. The Researcher Development Context (RDC) identifies the diverse areas of expertise required and supports the training and development of our researchers. Great Lakes holds the Canadian HR Excellence in Research accreditation, which shows our commitment to unceasingly cultivating researchers' working environments and supporting their career development.


A Dedicated Support Team

Our aim is to support our researchers' development throughout their career, continually improve the quality of our research and increase the impact it can have, be that within a research field, industry-wide or for society as a whole. Our support teams help nurture and develop essential skills, recognize and successfully attain secure for projects and then help accomplished research ideas be commercialized. Our primary support team is the Research & Enterprise Training Club (RETC).


Research & Enterprise Training Club The club was conceived to nurture and grow the research and enterprise activities across Great Lakes by creating a proactive, supportive environment for the career development of researchers themselves. RETC’s objective is to work in partnership with staff and postgraduate students to encourage excellence. RETC will help our researchers develop, personally and professionally, to meet their research goals, through tailored training, coaching and mentoring.